Can i eat dates on gm diet

If you have eaten brown rice for breakfast, you can have 2 variants of fruits for lunch with two glasses of water. There are no specific limits on amounts of vegetables you need to eat one exception are potatoes.

At lunch time, you can have veggie soup with tomatoes and cabbage. However, The New York Times has reported that General Motors disclaimed any association with the diet, calling it an urban myth, so the origins of the diet are a mystery.

Midday Meals and Beverages While the main beverage allowed for the Day 1 of GM diet is water, followers may also turn to fresh orange juice and coconut water during midday snacks. This may be in between am. You can also have 2 to 3 servings of fruit a day.

You can have as much lemon in your water as you like though. With soup your body will be sustained with the water loss within the day. But since a lot of people are not into brown rice, you have no choice but to eat it.

Additionally, avocados are fairly dense in calories, which will help you stay on your feet longer and exercise harder while cutting back. No, you cannot have dried fruits or nuts on this plan. If you eat lots of wheat, you will likely not maintain your weight loss after the diet.

GM Diet & Avocados

Beets can also be an option and it will make you feel full as well. Dinner 8 to 9 PM: For lunch, you can have brown rice that you have skipped for breakfast.

And the best part about the GM diet is that it is not complicated to follow. Remember to stay hydrated and drink about 8 — 12 glasses of water throughout the day. Sea salt or unprocessed salt is always the best option for salt.

Subway foods like most processed foods are full of toxic chemicals like dough conditioners in the bread, sulfites, msg, nitrates and phosphates in the meats, not to mention sugar and too much processed salt in the dressings.Let us now see what fruits to eat on the first Day of the GM diet.

Fruits to Eat – Apple, Oranges, Papaya, Water Melons, Kiwi, Grapes, Pineapple, Mango (in limits) and all fruits that you like. Fruits to Avoid – Banana.

Other Foods to Avoid – Everything other than those fruits mentioned above. Indian Version of the GM Diet. The GM diet is popular in India, and once again the beef on Days 5 and 6 can be replaced with other, non-meat protein sources.

Try additional brown rice, soybean curd, tofu, cottage cheese, beans and bean sprouts. All of these are protein-rich substitutes for the beef component, and non-vegans can even eat fish Pobby. Preparing the Body for GM Diet. On the first day of the GM diet, followers are only allowed to eat fruits.

These fresh produce should contain no form of starch, potassium and starchy carbohydrates, such as bananas. This is because on the first day of this diet plan, the body is subject to detoxification. Only fruits and water can be consumed. Common GM Diet Questions, FAQ's & Tips. Here is what we have found by study and experience.

Whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, each meal must be balanced. Eat 3 meals a day. Do not eat them all at once, spread them out. Each meal should have a. Oct 23,  · For your dinner, you can eat a bowl of Beginner’s Guide to 7 Day GM Diet: Day Meal Plans & Tips.


GM Diet Plan: Does the 7-Day Weight Loss Plan Really Work?

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Can i eat dates on gm diet
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